Japanese pronounciation

Short vowels

  • a(あ)
    similar to the sound of a in “father”
  • i(い)
    similar to the sound of ee in “see
  • u(う)
    similar to sound of oo in “soon”
  • e(え)
    similar to sound of e in “net”
  • o(お)
    similar to sound of o in “low”

Short vowels

  • a(あー)
    similar in sound to “ah”
  • i(いー)
    similar sound to ee in “sweet”
  • u(うー)
    similar in sound to oo in “goose”
  • e(えー)
    similar in sound to a in “paper”
  • o(おー)
    similar in sound to “oh”

Representation of long vowel on this site

For example “Osaka” Osak is pronounced as”Oosaka”. In some cases, The long vowel “oo” is represented as “o”, as in “osaka”.

This mark” ” called the macron. Macrons for romanized Japanese may get garbled on some OS. So, long vowel represented as “o-”, as in “O-saka” on this website.

47 basic syllabeles

  a(あ) i(い) u(う) e(え) o(お)
k ka(か) ki(き) ku(く) ke(け) ko(こ)
s sa(さ) shi(し) su(す) su(す) so(そ)
t ta(た) chi(ち) tsu(つ) te(て) to(と)
n na(な) ni(に) nu(ぬ) ne(ね) no(の)
h ha(は) hi(ひ) fu(ふ) he(へ) ho(ほ)
m ma(ま) mi(み) mu(む) me(め) mo(も)
y ya(や)   yu(ゆ)   yo(よ)
r ra(ら) ri(り) ru(る) re(れ) ro(ろ)
w wa(わ)       wo(を)
n n(ん)        

25modifide syllabeles:
consonant plus basic syllabeles

g ga(が) gi(ぎ) gu(ぐ) e(え) o(お)
z za(ざ) ji(じ) zu(ず) ze(ぜ) zo(ぞ)
d da(だ) ji(ぢ) zu(づ) ze(ぜ) zo(ぞ)
b ba(ば) bi(び) bu(ぶ) be(べ) bo(ぼ)
p pa(ぱ) pi(ぴ) pu(ぷ) pe(ぺ) po(ぽ)

37 modified syllabeles:
consonant plus ya,yu, and yo

kya(きゃ) kyu(きゅ) kyo(きょ)
sha(しゃ) shu(しゅ) sho(しょ)
cha(ちゃ) chu(ちゅ) cho(ちょ)
nya(にゃ) nya(にゃ) nya(にゃ)
hya(ひゃ) hyu(ひゅ) hyo(ひょ)
mya(みゃ) myu(みゅ) myo(みょ)
rya(りゃ) ryu(りゅ) ryo(りょ)
gya(ぎゃ) gyu(ぎゅ) gyo(ぎょ)
jya(じゃ) jyu(じゅ) jyo(じょ)
bya(びゃ) byu(びゅ) byo(びょ)
pya(ぴゃ) pyu(ぴゅ) pyo(ぴょ)

4 double consonants

kk(っ) pp(っ) ss(っ) tt(っ)

The sound represented by the small tsu(っ) between two syllabeles is described as a double consonant.

The first of the two consonants is given one syllable in length of pronounciaion.
The small tsu is realized as a little pause after the first consonant and before the second one is pronounced.

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