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Kouenmae Mori Ophthalmologic

電話 (Telephone number) :073-435-3345

住所 (address) : 和歌山県和歌山市十\番丁15 市川ビル3F
3th Fl. Ichikawa Bldg. 15, Jubancho, Wakayama

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  • ■気道食道科(Broncho-Esophagological)
  • ■眼科(Ophthalmologic)
  • ■皮膚科(Dermatology)
  • ■産婦人科(Obstetrics & Gynecology)
  • ■歯科(Dentistry)[1]
  • ■精神科(Psychiatry)
  • ■アレルギー科(Allergy)
  • ■リウマチ科(Rheumatology)
  • ■放射線科(Radiology)
  • ■麻酔科(Anesthesiology)


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